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1259   Promotional Umbrella

Folding Umbrella Promotional Umbrella
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Umbrella It is not wise for you to only use your umbrella without caring. Try few precautionary methods to prolong the life and beauty your umbrella:

1. It will be important to keep the dirt and oils to a minimum by regular rinsing, wiping and washing. You want to be sure to minimize the conditions where mildew growth is likely by keeping your umbrella as dry as possible.

2. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning. Some umbrella covers can be removed and placed in large capacity washing machines. No matter how dirty your umbrella is, never wash it on a heavy wash setting. Instead choose cold water, delicate wash setting with a milder detergent.

3. You should occasionally clean the pole, ribs, and frame of your umbrella to ensure that no grime, oils, bugs, or whatever else may come in contact with it build up on the sliding mechanisms.

4. If you are having trouble raising or lowering your umbrella, do not force it. Instead slowly raise it or lower it until there is resistance and investigate the obstruction closely, so it can be dealt with. Note that there is a “deadlock” mechanism on most umbrellas that keeps them from blowing “inside out” during strong wind gust. You simply need to release the deadlock in order to resume smooth operation of the mechanics. The umbrella size can be made according to your request, please feel free to contact our sales for details.
Product ID 1259
Souvenir Name Promotional Umbrella
Product Size D 21 Inch
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