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Purchasing Guide
Q1. How can I become the agent to sell your company's product?
A1. Reseller is required to provide HK$5000 for deposit till spent. Reseller enjoys a smaller ordering quantity of product for each order, it is appropriate for retailer. It may be required to provide the BR for reseller application.
Q2. I only want to buy a small amount of product, is it possible?
A2. Thanks for your support, but our bussiness is limited to wholesale instead of retail at this moment.
Q3. In the min. order quantity you stated in a product, can I mix different color?
A3. Sure, we try our best to meet our client's requirement, but if a specific color of a product is out of stock, we will replace it by the others.
Q4. How to order?
A4. You are welcome to email or go to 'Contact Us' in the top right corner of our website and write down the product you would like to order with the following information:
1) Product ID, 2) Quantity and 3) Other requirement (if any) as well as your
A) Company Name  B) Contact Person  C) Tel and D) Email
when we receive your order, we will provide the invoice for you, after getting your deposit, the order is confirmed.
Q5. Should I have to come to your office to pay for the order?
A5. You are welcome to come to our office for the payment. In addition, we provide some alternatives for your convenience
1) Cheque or
2) Deposit the payment to our bank account and send back the payment advice to us.
Q6. How long does it take for the product ordering?
A6. After confirmation of the payment, usually it takes around 6-10 working days (depends on different products)
Q7. Do you have any delivery service? Is it free of charge?
A7. Free for delivery in order amount above HK$5000, restricted to Hong Kong only and exclude far away area and no parking service area)
Delivery fee will be charged for the special case, please view the details here.
Note: The above delivery arrangement is not applicable to tailor made manufacturing products
Q8. I am a foreign buyer, do you provide delivery service oversea? If any, how can I know the delivery fee?
A8. We do welcome oversea order. If the delivery company is not specified, we will use Hong Kong Post Office's service, for the delivery fee, please visit the following URL from the official Hong Kong Post Office website: (English Version) (中文版本)
Q9. I am oversea buyer, how can I make the payment to you?
A9. You can use 1) Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or 2) PayPal or 3) Western Union
Q10. What does it mean of the term 'reference price' in your company's Website?
A10. Wholesale price
Q11. How many piece I have to order for the production of the inflatable toy?
A11. 1000-2000pc (depends on the shape and size)
Q12. What's the difference between an agent order and a normal order?
A12. Our agent enjoy a lower min. order quantity of the production.
Q13. As you stated, the min. order quantity (MOQ) is 100pc, can I mix different type of products in the order?
A13. Our MOQ refer to 100pc with a single product type, but actual MOQ depnds on different products.
Q14. Where can see the product sample and pick up the stock?
A14. Our show room.
Q15. About e-cheque.
A15. e-Cheque is an electronic counterpart of paper cheque. It turns the cheque writing and deposit processes totally online. SourceEC always calls for environmental protection and tends to have an entirely paperless workshop. We advice to use this convenient and safety payment methods.
To learn more, please visit here.
Important Terms: The product design, artwork, trademark and logos imprinted on products are reproduced as examples only.
Actual usage requires consent of trademark and licensed property owners. Trademark bearing merchandise can only be purchased by or through the trademark owner company.
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